Tuesday, May 27, 2008


Apparently I just started a blog and for some reason I can't seem to stop using the world blog. blog.  It is definitely one of those words that loses all meaning the more you say it (I'm not really sure if it had any meaning to begin with.

Anyway, I am a molecular biologist and I just moved from Toronto to Prince Edward Island for a job.  When I moved from Toronto, I left a lot of cool people behind and I think I this is gonna be how I keep people up to date on what I am doing.  I say "I think" because I am not entirely sure if I am actually going to tell people about this blog.  I mean, a blog. really? Welcome to 2005.  I also say "I think" because I am not sure if I will actually be doing anything worth reporting on.  I'm gonna be buying a cool camera sometime in the near future and from what i understand it'll do most of the work and I can post the fruits of Its labour here.  I have this weird thing where i keep posting photos on different places thinking that people will stumble across it.  I have a Picasa and Flickr account and am not sure that anyone other than my family and girlfriend have seen them.  So why not add another place where no one can look at my pictures. 

On top of photography I hope to post some songs from bands I am listening too.  I am not sure if there will be any revelations there but I am gonna post some anyway.

So that'll do it for post number one.  I'm gonna tell my girlfriend about it and if she doesn't laugh at me there will be a second post and I might tell you about it.

Until then...