Saturday, August 16, 2008

Reason to Visit PEI #2: Slow news day

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So I recently got my bike stolen while in Charlottetown. Being a Toronto kid i assumed that the bike was on some shipping container headed to the far east and i would never see it again...but i went to the cops and they told me to go take a look at the local Cash Converters. There is the front window was my bike being sold for $70 more than what I paid for it! I called the cops they came and justice was served. My bike was returned to me for no charge. The punk who stole it apparently only had to take it 5 blocks from my house and Cash Coverters gave him $50 for his hard work. All in all an interesting story of small town crime.
I'm not so sure it was interesting but its the only story I got and I seem to tell anyone who will listen. So I was shocked to see my story on the FRONT PAGE (below the fold) of the city news paper, The Guardian. Now i have heard of the game broken telephone but this reporter got the story sooo wrong. I imagine he had to puff it up get it published (ya know Senior instead of 20 something and Three wheeler instead of front and rear shocks grand kids instead of nobody) but there was no need to publish that picture of me.

Anyway...this article actually made the front page of the local paper. I lol'd when I saw it.

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  1. I love sensationalist journalism. Hey! It looks like my small home-town Clinton, also made the front page! What wacky news happened there?