Wednesday, November 19, 2008

TIME for a Change

When I was in third year university TIME magazine started showing up on our door step with a mysterious name on it.  After a few weeks they started to pile up, I gave in and started reading them.  I look back on this time in life as the time when I was most informed about the world at large (read: America, Iraq, Social Security and The Bush Doctrine and only these topics because that is all they focused on).  Recently I decided that I was out of touch and had to get back in the loop.  I ran back to the tried and true.  I am now 6 issues into my TIME Subscription (with my name on it) and have noticed some changes to the format.  They are using the same philosophy that drives O magazine.  Why put different things on the cover if you can just put the same person on week after week.  Barack Obama is on all 6 covers.

This fact has lead me to the conclusion that Barack Obama will probably be named TIME magazine's Person Of The Year.  I guess he is a worthy choice.  He has accomplished quite a bit in the last year and made a total of 13 covers of the 48 published this year.  With 8 issues left this year I am guessing that, your boy, Barack will be on atleast one more cover (but probably 3 more).  He will join a list that includes some of History's Greatest Monsters.  Some of the highlights from the list include:

Adolph Hitler (1938)
Joseph Stalin (1939 & 1942)
The Baby Boomers (1966)
Richard Nixon (1971 & 1972)
The Computer (1982)
The Endangered Earth (1988...what a scam that was...20 years later and look at it now! Never been better)
Vladimir Putin (2007)
You! (2006)

Oh no.  All this talk of Person of the Year just reminded me that I have to do a best '08 list.  Its the most important job any blogger has.  I'm gonna have to start studying now.

In other news, I just watched Quantum of Solace.  If you see one Bond movie this year....Make it this one.  There was almost no dialogue and the story was weak...but man can Paul Hagis write a car chase!  Keep your eye out for the polite Canadian in the denouement.  Way to represent your homeland Paul.  There was that perfect mix of anti-corporation and pro-environment sentiment.  The sort of sentiment that lets you know it was made by a studio that is owned by a multi-national corporation and that the filming of this movie was done all over the world and required explosions and car chases that left a carbon foot print the size of a NASCAR season.

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