Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Happiness Project

As an Arts & Crafts fanboy it is my responsibility to hype and plug every project Broken Social Scene has ever conceived, as a collective or as individuals.  So one of the members has a new album coming out. Chris Spearin of BSS and Do Make Say Think and KC Accidental fame has released the first song off his new album, The Happiness Project.  An interesting idea.  He interviewed people in his neighborhood about happiness and he would turn the interviews into songs.  His website explains it much better than I can:  

"I wanted to see if I could blur the line between speaking and singing - life and art? - and write music based on these accidental melodies. So I had some musician friends play, as close as they could, these neighbourhood melodies on different instruments (Mrs. Morris on the tenor saxophone, Marisa on the harp, my daughter Ondine on the violin, etc.) and then I arranged them as though they were songs. "
The first song he has released is "Anna" and the full album is expected to be realeased on Valentine's Day of 2009.

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