Thursday, January 29, 2009

Whats In A Name

A recent study out of the University of Pennsylvania ranked men's names from most popular to least over a particular stretch of time. The list went from "Michael" (most popular) to David (middle of the road) to the least popular names (Ivan, Ernest, Malcom etc.). They then looked at the likely hood of juvenile delinquency based on the names regardless of race or socio-economic background.  

"Results show that, regardless of race, juveniles with unpopular names are more likely to engage in criminal activity. The least popular names were associated with juvenile delinquency among both blacks and whites."

So next time you meet an Ivan...walk the other way. They are trouble.
I would like to congratulate all the Michael out there on a job well done. You have given us all a good name...or did the name give us a good name...but our parents gave us the good name....but they just did because everyone else was doing it.

Maybe its because every crime commited by a Michael was less likely to get solved.

"Do you know anything about the young man who did this to you....average height, between 16-25. Did you happen to hear his name???" Th police officer asked knowing that a name would help them catch the perp.
"A name? uhhh...I think I heard one of his friends call him Mike." the victim recalled hoping that the jerk who did this would be brought to justice.
"Michael?! Michael! Could you be any less specific? there are like a million Michael's out there....are you sure it wasn't Malcom? We know only one Malcom who fits this description. If you really think you heard Michael then I'm sorry this case looks like it will remained unsolved...but Malcom...we could have this closed by think did you hear Malcom or Michael?"

Science and The Law 1,  Kids with Weirdo Names 0.

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  1. I believe Barack Obama would like a word with you about team "Kids with Weirdo Names"