Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Slow Month

So, February is a fairly slow month in PEI and I've been having trouble relaying that to you, the faithful reader.  Well, all it took was one look at today's newspaper, The Gaurdian, and it was clear.   This was found on the FRONT PAGE. ABOVE THE FOLD

The banner headline read: Balloons take voyage from U.S. all way to Island.  
The intrigue of the headline that sucks you in soon disappears when you come to the second line

"A balloon bouquet took flight from a person’s 40th birthday party, apparently somewhere in New York, before coming to rest Sunday morning in Greenwich National Park in eastern P.E.I., some 1,500 kilometres away."
Apparently there was a business card attached which put the balloons take off point somewhere on Staten Island.  The Gaurdian went on to ask the tough questions.  “I want to know what the party was like. Was it a big party? Who let the balloons go?. . . It would be cool to know when the balloons were let go.’’

So someone in New York let go of some birthday balloons and proabably forgot about them.  Those balloons landed in rural PEI and were found by a pair of snowshoers.  Those snowshoers thought to themselves: let's call the newspaper.  The newspaper thought: let's send a reporter and a photographer.  Then they decided it was front page material. 
 In unrelated news, Transcontinental, the publisher of the Gaurdian, has announced that it will be cutting 1500 jobs.

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