Thursday, May 28, 2009

By Request

Hi Mom,

Here is a blog post with pictures just like you asked for.  Just so you know this counts as a Birthday and a Mother's Day present.

I have almost figured out standard transmission.  I average about one stall a day.  Its especially difficult because I now have to think about my driving.  Usually i can zone out and worry about playing drums on the steering wheel or seeing how long i can go with my eyes closed or try to eat a big mac while texting to a friend.  Now when I see a red light up ahead i have to start thinking about what gear I am in.  Will I have to stop?  Should I go to second or all the way to first?  Is the stop on an incline?  Why is the guy behind me so close?

UPDATE:  I left out some key details (pun intended?).  Still no nickname and no bumper stickers.  the only worthy bumper sticker was "my other car is a Pirate Ship"  but now that pirates are once again the scourge of the high seas I don't know if I can support their popularity.  I blame Johnny Depp.  Thanks to all eight of you who voted in the poll (I think I voted twice).  I have commissioned  the purchase of an authentic dash hula girl from Hawaii!  My friend Bill is down there and saw my earlier post and offered to send me one.  Big virtual high five for Bill!  also I'll get you that money I might be virtual.  

If you see this grill in your rear view mirror, you are probably in the world's shortest car or one of those weirdo bikes

I think the upholstery was loosely based on a Jackson Pollack and I might get a suit made of the same material

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