Thursday, June 4, 2009

Follow The Money

As a blogger it is not my responsibility produce any news or material that is newsworthy or carry any sort of journalistic integrity. What I am supposed to do (one of my many responsibilities) is connect news stories that have yet to be connected becasue a) no one sees the connection b) no one cares c) there is actually no connection.

Last year around this time Canadian indie band Holy (explative deleted) was in the news because a funding program meant to support canadian artists was cut by the Conservative government. An unnamed MP sited the potty mouthed band as a reason for the cut. Now if you are a fiscal conservative (like me) you were glad to see that tax payer money was no longer going towards a band whose sole purpose was to impress hipsters in a dingy New York clubs. But if you like the idea of government funded arts programs intended to help Canadian artists show off thier work on an international stage you were probably quite upset (like me) about the cut to the program, especially over such ephemera.

Well a recent ad has turned the tables such that those that were happy (like me) should now be upset and those that were upset (like me) should be happy.

Holy (Expletive Deleted) has allowed Chrysler to use their song Lovely Allen in one of the company's commercials. Chrysler, running most on the tax payer dime, has passed the bail out onto the "Larry Bird's mustache of indie rock" (their words). I just hope that Holy F*ck got paid in cash upfront.

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