Thursday, August 27, 2009

Another Brick In the Wall

Another Brick In the Wall, originally uploaded by mmilway.

The final stop on my TRCT was the library to finally see the one thing
I hadn't anywhere in London. I spent 6 years in London and I didn't
see my own personal impact on the city or campus anywhere. Even the
bar where I carved my name into a table had been torn down years ago.
I had to go to the top floor of the stacks and look for a confusing
call number to find my impact. It was nice to see my thesis in print
and in "circulation". It was not so nice seeing how little it stood
out. The library had rows and rows of thesises that were all bound in
black with gold type on the spine. You couldn't really tell the
difference between the keeners and the students who just phoned it
in...thank goodness!

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