Sunday, September 20, 2009

Too Much Character for Twitter 2

We all know Kanye West interrupted Taylor Swift at the MTV Music Video Awards. Now I'm not gonna complain about how those awards are given out by a network that doesn't play music videos anymore or that just about every single nominated video could be described as "phoned in". I do, however, want to discuss the response of the POTUS to this event.
Now I don't want to talk about how ABC prematurely tweeted this "off the record" conversation, on which they were eavesdropping. Nor do I want to discuss Obama calling out a powerful member of the Celebrity Lobby, one of the most powerful lobby groups in the Obama White House (come on...they got you elected, show some respect.)

What I am miffed about is how easily the President answered. There is a war in Afghanistan, a global economic crisis and he's trying to revolutionize the american health care system. I can't imagine he has much leisure time on his hands to watch a little MTV with the family. I know he doesn't have email and had to give up his blackberry. Does he even have internet access to find this stuff on YouTube? Did one of his aides brief him on the subject? I think I would have preferred it if he responded the same way my father (happy birthday) probably did. "Kanye Who? Taylor Who? No, I didn't hear about that...who cares?" end of discussion. I'm pretty sure that Stephen Harper has no clue what happened at the MTV music video awards (possibly because he doesn't get that channel). The same could be said for most top Canadian Politicians. I doubt any of them get briefed about what happened on prime time TV last night. This is probably because prime time is after 5pm when all the civil servants are off the clock. But I digress.

We usually laugh and cringe when aloof politicians attempt to butcher pop culture in an attempt to sound like they are "with it", but doesn't that just mean that they are focusing on other things...more important things. Jeers, Preisdent Obama. Next time some one asks for your opinion on award shows or reality TV you respond "Come on guys, I'm working here". Leave the pointless commentary to the blog-o-sphere. This obviously doesn't apply to the sports world. You must be ready for a fantasy draft, to fill out a bracket or make your sunday picks on demand or risk impeachment.

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