Monday, November 23, 2009

Torch Song

Torch Song, originally uploaded by mmilway.

For two days, this weekend, PEI became Fire Island as it welcomed the
Olympic Torch...wait.

I waited outside my apartment for about an hour trying to get my
camera setup just right. It was getting chilly and the crowd was thin
at best. My enthusiasm was already low when the Coca-Cola truck went
by and then the RBC Float. But then group of people dressed in white
jump suits turned the corner and slowly walked up to province house.
It took everyone a few moments to realize it was the torch and then
everyone started to crowd around it as the torch bearers posed for
pictures. Then they continued down great george street to a crappy
party. All the signs pointed to it being a very underwhelming
event, and for the most part it was, but the torch itself and the
enthusiasm of the people who carried it really made the whole thing a
really cool experience.

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