Thursday, July 17, 2008

Quick About Me


I am Prolific today! I posted this on my profile but i don't like how it was displayed there so I'll post it here.  

My Favorite Music in a nutshell

Favorite Band: The Beatles (probably because they have so much trivia to go along with their songs. Also because they are the Beatles). Radiohead a close second.

Favorite Song: "I'll Believe In Anything" by Wolf Parade (honestly i don't even think this is mood dependent)  according to iTunes i have listened to this song over 100 times and I have yet to skip it...Its a Five Star song in my book 

Favorite Album: This is a toughy because i don't want to go with Radiohead, the Beatles or Wolf Parade even though I enjoy their work a Top 3 then A) Return To the Sea by Islands B) In The Aeroplane Over The Sea By Neutral Milk Hotel C) From a Basement On Top Of a Hill By Elliott Smith 

I think you have an idea of what makes me tick.  I am slave to answering these questions correctly not what might actually be true.  Gotta follow the rules to prove i got indie cred.  Something Old, Something New, Something Artsy and Something Depressing by an artist who died before his time.

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