Thursday, July 17, 2008

Pictures of PEI

Recently, I got out to the East Coast of the Island.  Luckily, my girlfriend came out for a visit and I had a good excuse to rent a car and do some exploring on the island.  We had a chance to see some of the famous PEI white-sand Beaches and they were just as empty as everyone says they are.
 I guess it was cloudy day but it was the monday before Canada Day and i figured there would have been a few sight seers out.

There were tons of spots to pull of the road and sit on the side of a cliff and watch the birds go crazy.

Because of all the cliffs there were plenty of light houses to gawk at.  The highlight of the first half of the drive had to be the aptly named, East Point which is the eastern point of the island.

The island is covered by these purple and pink flowers that seem to grow anywhere (seen above).  They add a nice touch of colour to the lush green landscape.

Once you turn back west toward Charlottetown along the south shore of the island we were treated to miles of incredible empty white sand beach (I keep saying white sand because the island has plenty of red san beaches which are not quite as pleasant)

We turned down a dirt road on a whim...

and were quite happy with what we found at the bottom

I hope to post more more pictures from more travels soon and i'll probably post them on my Flickr or my Picasa.

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