Thursday, July 17, 2008

From The Drake to The Back Alley

In other news I left my computer for a few hours and went outside to a place where people congregate to listen to live music I saw a few cool bands that I thought might be worth mentioning

First I was lured out by a Toronto band that made the trip all the way across the bridge.
Ghost Is Dancing is a collective from Toronto that probably gets a lot of comparison to Broken Social i am probably making that comparison because when i saw them first in Toronto they had about 15 people on stage and the horn section really made the songs sound that much more epic.  Their sound is exuberant, with twee feel because of the unpolished harmonies (thats a compliment) and an upbeat rhythm.  The band that made it out to the east coast was a skeleton crew (only 6 members!) but they totally did their songs justice.  It was a good thing only six of them showed up because the venue would have combusted.  They played an all-ages show in the back of Back-Alley Records and it was crowded and hot.  The kids that showed up were totally into it and eager to help out with handclaps and a meager mosh pit.  There was a group of guys that came with some polished dance moves at one point dropping to the floor and doing some sort of a bobsled move.  The highlight of the show was of course when lead singer Jamie dedicated a song to me!  I got to talk to him before the show about Toronto and he actually remembered my name so I was pretty impressed with that.  Anyway I would find them playing live somewhere soon or pick up their album the Darkest Spark out on Sonic Unyon.

Two bands that also played and I guess make up a bit of the Scene that is going on here
The Barnkats and there was another band of youngsters that were really pretty good and showed lots of potential.  They are called New Royalty and I am looking forward to seeing them again and hearing some more of their stuff.

The Ghost Is Dancing Dates:

July 22 Philadelphia PA World Cafe
July 23 Morgantown WV 424 Clark St.
July 24 Columbus OH Ravari Room
July 25 Louisville KY Skull Alley
July 26 Lexington KY Al's Bar
August 9 Toronto ON El Mocambo

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