Thursday, July 17, 2008

Feeling Bloggy

This blog seems to be a once in a while thing and I am trying to think of things to type about but am having trouble coming up with something worth reading...working on a review of PEI and Charlottetown.  Maybe show off some of the quirks.  I'm also close to owning a camera worthy of my extreme skill (cough).  My current Digital camera is only slightly better than the camera on my phone and i am pretty sick of developing film.

So just to keep this thing rolling i thought i would post some stuff I have found on the intertubes.

Radiohead Videos

House of cards...made without any cameras!  which really isn't that big a deal...they've been doing that since the 90's.  the technology is kinda neat check out the "making of..." video

the next is a fan video that is also pretty neat....let it ride for at least 1 minute.  apparently this sort of stuff is all over the YouTube and might be the height of nerdery

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