Sunday, November 2, 2008

There Is Nothing on the Wing!

My new camera is capable of putting together stop motion movies.  I thought my most recent flight home was a good opportunity to play around with it.  The footage is a little jittery but I can assure you it was a smooth flight.  The guy next to me thought I was at least a little weird.  So in this movie I have my flight home, a sunrise and my flight back to Charlottetown.  The music is from swedish rockers Peter Bjorn and John and it is called I Start To Melt.  It was the most fitting song I could find.  When I say fitting I mean that it fit the time almost perfectly.  Hopefully I will get a little better and steadier before my next flight home in Christmas.  I actually started a YouTube account for this movie.  Have you heard of this YouTube thing?  A few things i might draw your attention to:  on the way out of Toronto you can see beautiful Hamilton and on the way into PEI you can see the original Bridge to Nowhere (The Confederation Bridge). Enjoy and Thank You for choosing Westjet.

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