Friday, December 19, 2008

Favorite Albums of '08

I try to listen to all the new stuff and this list includes my favorite albums I have listened to all year.  There are albums out there that I enjoyed but I do not actually have the whole album so they have been relegated to the Honorable Mention list (Lykke Li , Why?MGMT and Woodhands,).  I was also letdown by some heavy hitters (Tapes N' Tapes and Islands).  I have complied a playlist of my favorite song from each of the albums and it should be available somewhere on this page so can listen and read if you want.

10. The Constanitines: Kensington Heights

I never really understood The Cons until I saw them live. This album is full of slow burn tracks that they are totally gonna kill live!

9.  The Hold Steady: Stay Positive

A bit of a let down comapred to Boys and Girls of America but if you get the bonus track that I found on my torrent the whole thing turns into a killer album

8.  City and Colour: Bring Me Your Love

Someday EMO will be cool and this will be one of the best 
albums of that genre.  This might be the first decent emo-folk crossover album...but why would anyone care enough to prove me wrong.

7. Wolf Parade: At Mount Zoomer

I'm not sure if I ever gave this album enough time...perhaps over the next few months it will become amazing but for now it is just a decent follow up to "Apologies...".  I may have thought more about this band than any other band (except The Beatles) in the last 3 years so my expectations might be exceedingly high.  Also the album title and artwork really sucks.

6.  Hot Chip: Made In The Dark

Makes me want to dance in the dark!  Equal parts fast and slow dance music.

5. Los Campesinos: Hold on Now, Youngster.../We Are Beautiful, We Are Doomed

This year this band matured in front of my ears.  They went from the joyousness of  a twee 21 year old to the jaded cynicism of a 22 year old!

4. She and Him: Volume 1

Zoey Dachenel (of Elf fame and sister of "Bones") conqured the indie music world with the help of M Ward.  A mix of classics and new classics made this album timeless (when I say timeless I mean it sounds exactly like it was made at a very specific time. So maybe this album is "timeful" but thats not a word).  I think my mom might even like it

3. Tokyo Police Club: Elephant Shell

This band delivered exactly what they promised on their "Lesson In Crime" EP.  This album is just full of catchy tunes...hard not to like.

2. Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend

This album was released in January but it is full of summer songs and survived a full year's worth of hype.  It might be an instant classic.  Again, Mom might like it too.

1. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down: We Brave Bee Stings And All

I already told you what I thought of this...don't make me repeat myself, the internet has only so much space.

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  1. got enough lists? only problem is, there is absolutely no way, even when hell freezes over, that the mighty parades of wolves and constantines takes a second seat to tokyo police club. TPC has maybe 2-4 listenable tracks. albums from cons and wolves has 100% wikid material. maybe you should stick to top 5 lists in the future.