Wednesday, January 7, 2009

So This Is The New Year.

Sorry about that but it is a blogger must. I had to quote that song... It's kinda my job.  Also, I have been on a lot of flights in the last two weeks and Death Cab For Cutie are by far my favorite band to listen to while on a plane (I'll maybe explain in a future post...possibly while in flight) I am looking forward to a productive year that will include at least one insightful post that will make you think for a minimum of five minutes (you gotta dream big). Before I move boldly into 2009, I would just like to clean up some " best of '08" loose ends

Best purchase of '08
This was a competitive category.  The purchase that shaped my life most in 2008 was probably my new digital SLR camera, the Nikon D60.  It has allowed my to pretend to be an artist (I was planning on explaining how easy it is to do this but thinking about how true the statemnet was made me a tiny bit depressed).  The digital photography world has really given me the instant feedback I need to improve my game.  It also allowed me to dable in the art of stop motion movies (I have been strugling to follow up the original but it apparently sucked up all of my creativity).  A close second place is my iPod touch that I got with about three days left in 2008. It's hard to say if it has improved my life but it has allowed me to type this blog while sitting 2 feet from my that is pretty important.

Best movie of '08
Dark Knight boggled my mind. It was about an hour longer than I expected and Heath Ledger was ten times better than what I expected. I feel bad about picking a big budget hollywood film so I'll save my reputation by also reccomemding an Indie and a Documentary. The Whackness is a coming of age tale of a young man dealing drugs in New York City in the summer of 1992. This movie was so good that I went home an immediately downloaded some Hip Hop.  Not even 8 Mile got me to do that.  The documentary I enjoyed so much is called Resolved. It follows the story of two highschool debate teams (one white collar, the other inner city).  The amazing thing about this movie is how rediculously hard it is to do high school debate in the US and how amzing these kids are at it. They make an Aaron Sorkin show look like Sesame Street. One team is destined for geatness while the other tries to make a name for themselves by debating the current paradigm of debate itself (that's right I used the word "paradigm" and it did make me feel smart).  I'm not gonna tell you which team does what.  You'll have to watch it yourself. If you like highscholl nerds and white kids squirming because they have been called a racist,  you'll love this movie.

Best book of '08
Downtown Owl by Chuck Klosterman (pronounced Close-terman,  I can't believe you didn't know that)
Ran uncontested

Best tv of '08
I wrote this a while ago and just posted it.  I couldn't figure out how to post it at the top so I'll just do it like this.

So that was the old year.

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