Friday, January 9, 2009

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They say necessity is the mother of all invention.  The iPod is exactly what they were talking about.  It was such a great invention that I didn't realize how neccesary it was until it was invented.  I remember getting my ipod for Christmas in 2003.  My parents got it for me and my first thought was: "really? That is totally unnesseary! I'm doing fine with my discman and cd burner. Why would I ever need 10 gb of music in my pocket?".  Obviously, at the time iPods were not ubiquitous as they are now so I was a little naive.  As soon as I got my hands on that thing I knew it would change the world or at least the music world...or, at the very least, my music world.  It's beutiful face, the flawless chrome backing, the responsive touch wheel.  I remember walking around campus with the distictive head phones and it was an event when I saw someone else with them.  I remember the first road trip that was totally fueled by iPod tunes (and gasoline).  I also remember when the first scratch appeared after a careless pocket placement and I remember when the headphones started to show up in every ear.   Soon the headphone jack started to get fidgety.  Shortly there after the battery would barely get me through the hour and eventually the 10 gb capacity became restrictive.  It wasn't like new but the songs still played and the scratches added character.  5 years in and I was still convinced of the necessity until a cold winter day.

I left the apartment for coffee and listened to the latest Los Campensinos album.  With one last rush of youthful exuberance the iPod gave up the strugle...

As soon as I got home I googled for solutions, I restarted, I reinstalled (the computer version of CPR).  In the end all it could do was display the Logo it came into this world professing!  The cause of death is unknown but
murder has been ruled out.  My iPod leaves behind a iBook G4 and an iPod Touch has been acquired to fill the void.  In lieu of flowers please send your song donations to

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