Friday, March 13, 2009

A Meeting of The Minds

My favorite sports columnist and favorite author/pop-culture enthusiast discuss the death of the newspaper and how they mishandled the internet on this latest B.S. Report.  People have been bemoaning the death of the newspaper and love to romanticize the idea of the newspaper (a line i just stole Chuck Klosterman).  There is a moment where the discussion gets very medium=message when they start talking about people like newspaper because of the experience and the information is almost meaningless.  Their 3 reasons might fit nicely into an essay for a 2nd year university exam.  If you plan on going to school for history 20 years from now this might be a worth while listen.   Their reasons are 1) 2) Newspapers attempted to compete with the immediacy of the Internet and ended up giving their content away for free  3) Unions (I personally blame it on those damn Newsies!)  

Usually the discussions on this podcast ends up getting a little bogged down in references to 1970's NBA bench players but this time I think they almost stay on topic for the full 45 minutes.  I wish I could have a beer with Chuck Klosterman...I doubt I could keep up and I would probably end up just staring and smiling at him in a very creepy way.  I don't know how he does it but he seems to come up with ingenious analogies on the spot.  His mind seems so nimble but he puts it to use on the most meaningless subjects (read:pop culture).  Please note: I grew my beard before I knew he had a beard!

You can DL it here or find it on iTunes or go to the Sportsguy World

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