Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Power of One....Remote

Well all this complaining on the internet has finally paid off!  Someone out there has read it and said "let's get this guy working for us and the for the people".  I have just received my Television Diary from the good people at BBM.   For those of you who don't know, BBM tabulates television rating for Canada.  They obviously saw what I did here and thought this is a guy who is capable of turning the TV off when there is nothing on and can then turn it right back on when he thinks there is something worth while on TV.  My TV selections will count for literally thousands of households.  

With great power comes great responsibility and tough decisions.  As your voice, I promise to avert my eyes from shows that should not be on TV.  In particular: any show in which the main character converses with ghosts to solve crimes, CSI New York and Las Vegas, Two and A Half Men, shows involving Howie Mandel/the jonas brothers/Donald Trump/the works of Jane Austen/Medicine women/poker and shows that have a panel of judges. 

I know what you're thinking.  It will be a tough 7 days.  I will have to be always mindful of what I am watching and what else is on.  I would hate to be ironically enjoying a CSI Miami while there is a classic Seinfeld episode on somewhere else.  I also have to make sure I catch all the good shows that need my ratings.  

But I think I am uniquely prepared for such a task.  The weekdays should be fairly easy but the weekend is going to be really tough because you really never know what you are going to find. I know what your thinking now and no,  I am not doing this for free!  They sent me a crisp 5 dollar bill with my diary!  I mean sure it'll end up working out to about $0.05/hour but I am happy to do it.  Don't forget, I'm not doing it for myself or for the good people at BBM, I'm doing it for you, the TV watching public.  I'm looking out for your best interests

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