Sunday, March 22, 2009


In the current economic climate no business is safe from bankruptcy (unless you are exceptionally poorly run bank or car maker). This trend is no different for busnesses that are my favorite bar in London, Ontario.  The Alex P. Keaton is closing it's doors this weekend. The Keaton was many things to many people.  It was named with just the right mix of irony and obscurity.

It was the first place I ate sweet potato fries and now they seem to be everywhere.  I also sawTokyo Police Club play there before I knew who they were.  It was such a small room that I was sure that the bassist was going to smack someone in the head with his instrument.  
It was also probably the first place I got drunk that had actual art on the wall.  That artwork included a portrait that still kinda creeps me out (pictured).

I think there is a bit of irony in the fact that as we see the results of Free Market gone wild we bid farewell to a bar named after was America's favorite prime timeReaganomist between 1982-1989.

In the end there will probably be very few tears shed for the Keaton because it is just a bar and a new one will open there shortly...and you can always just go down the street to The Runt Club, which is less pretentious, there is always room on the patio and the popcorn is free!