Monday, March 30, 2009

In Like A Lion, Out Like A Jerk!

I'm sitting in my apartment and everything all the tell tale signs are there.  My bracket is filling up with lots guesses crossed out, I did spring cleaning yesterday, I even put my big coat away for the year, I had the windows opened, I considered buying sunglasses.  All signs point to it being late March.  But I look out my window and it is January!

They warned me.  All the locals said that there would be one more storm.   They were right.  This weekend was incredibly nice. It was puppy NICE (pictured)!  Its supposed to be nice next weekend and the weekend after that I'll be in tropical Toronto.

But now thats all simply a forecast.  Today we got at least 10cm of snow (pictured below).  I had to put boots on.  Oh well there is always next month.  On the slightly bright side I got off work early.  

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