Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Economy Will Never Be That Bad!

In times of trouble like this people have to start cutting costs.  I just watched a story on CNN about Mrs. Obama's England wardrobe being almost entirely from J. Crew (Oh Jeanie Moos will you ever become a real journalist...honestly, she didn't actually go to journalism school did she?).  It is a nice gesture by Mrs. Obama to say that she isn't wasting taxpayer money on her wardrobe.  But will the economy ever be bad enough to warrant Re-Gifting!  The Obama's presented the Queen of England with an iPod Nano!  Now I seem to remember the good people at CBC sending Obama a thoughtful playlist.  It is pretty obvious that the Obama's simply erased those 49 songs and filled it with pictures and video's of the queen's 2007 American visit.  We should send our Ambassador to the U.S. over to the white house to snoop around for the'll be just like that Seinfeld episode except with the possibility of an international incident and guaranteed to be hilarious!  We have to stop him now otherwise next thing you know he'll be giving the Statue of Liberty to Mexico.

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  1. Hilarious; I'd vote for a guy if their whole platform was based on this mission. As you can see, I take my vote very seriously.