Saturday, May 9, 2009


So its not a 'new' car but it is a new to me.  I am pretty excited to have my first car!  Also, I finally understand what the Beach Boys songs are about.  I'm not sure what a Deuce Coupe is but that song perfectly describes my car.

I started my search about two weeks ago and looked at a few cars.  Went to a few lots...most of them were closed but I found a good deal in the parking lot near my work.  I called the guy up and scheduled a test drive.  Luckily my friend Jessica came with me.  It was a 2000 Hyundai Accent, with 150k KM, with four winter tires on the rims.  There is no rust on the body and it looked like in really good shape.  One of the major selling points was the sunroof.

I said it was lucky that I brought Jessica with me because the car turned out to be a standard transmission and I have never driven a  standard.  She drove it for me and gave me a sense of what she thought and she also gave me a few tips on how to drive it myself and then gave me my first lesson.  She was very helpful but at the same time she was not very helpful at all.  You know that trick car salesmen use to put pressure on you. "You see that couple over there?  well the are very interested in this car and I think they are gonna make an offer tomorrow.  So if you think you want the car you should probably move quickly".  Well Jessica was that "nice young couple".  She kept saying how great a deal it was and that she might get it for herself if I don't.  Needless to say,  I moved on it.  I took it too a mechanic and he said it looked like a good deal.

I bought the car yesterday and got myself insurance and the registration in the matter of hours.  Side Note: If you are in the market for car insurance,  you should check out the offers made through your Alumni Association.  UWO has a deal with TD and I got a really good rate.  The car sat in the parking lot over night and I went in today and spent a few hours with Jessica in the passenger seat calling out "green light" so I could work on not stalling off the line.  Then at the end of the day I drove the car home.  It was a nerve wracking drive and I'm pretty much guaranteed to get at least one ticket in the next month for a rolling stop,  but I think I am getting the hang of it.  I should be street racing in a few weeks.  I have started collecting Canadian Tire money in my dash,  I have started filling my glove compartment with maps and loose paper and I bought my first product from Amour All.  I will post more pictures as soon as the sun comes out here.

Now the big questions have to be answered.  What do I call my car?  Solo had the Millenium Falcon, Capt. Kirk had the Enterprise, Wayne and Garth had the Mirth Mobile.  Surely, my automobile requires a name of similar prestige and catchy-ness.  I figure because it is an Accent it should be a name that requires it be said with an accent like Dieter, but not so German.  I think it should be a girls name just so when I say "I took Lucy down to the beach" I won't feel like such a loser for going to the beach alone.  But I also want it to be something East Coast-y.  My front runner right now is The Boy (pronounced Baiy with a thick east coast accent) but I'm open to suggestions.

Another important question:  What are my bumper stickers going to say?  Are they printing Jindal-Palin '12 stickers yet?  Here in PEI they have no front license plate so I have the opportunity to express myself through a novelty plate.  I can tell the world what sports team I support or describe what type of conveyance my other car is.  The options are endless.

And of course the age old question:  Hula Girl vs Fuzzy Dice.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Apparently Ringo wasn't very musical even in cartoon form.

Did the Beach Boys invent the popped collar?  I'm gonna spend the next hour on youtube watching Beach Boys videos and trying to sing the high harmony.  Living alone has its perks.

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  1. i'd call her "the silver bullet"
    but if you're looking for a more personal name, how about wilson, after the famous brian wilson...that kinda sounds like it could be a chauffeur's name anyways.
    "wilson drove me to cavendish for a picnic on sunday. it was glorious!"