Wednesday, May 13, 2009

One Track

Last month I had the pleasure of seeing Joel Plaskett Live in Concert for about the 5th time.  He was fantastic and mostly acoustic.  It was a sit down show in a theatre which was new but also quite comfortable.  One of the nicest part of the show was seeing Joel interact and perform with his father.  It gave me hope that I might someday appear in a regional or semi-national publication with my father.  This show was a while ago and I meant to mention it here but April really got a way from me.  The reason I mention it now is because I heard a song on the radio today that featured Joel (Mr. Plaskett is his father's name).  This afternoon CBC Radio 2 played a song by Classified (right after a song by The First Aid Kit).  In this track, Classified figured out that putting a skinny white singer songwriter in the background was the quickest way to get me interested in Hip Hop and get a mention on my blog!  Thanks to Damian for pointing him out to me.

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